Mission, Values, & Accreditation


LASER is a non-profit organization providing high-quality, year-round childcare to families in Northeast Seattle. We provide safe, fun, and enriching programs to help elementary-age children grow and thrive at school-site locations. By building bridges between school, work, and home schedules, LASER strengthens families and our community.  


LASER meets the needs of children by creating an environment that:

  • Offers children a base of warmth and security provided by caring adults, so they can all grow, respect, and enjoy one another
  • Is exciting—yet safe
  • Fosters independence while being nurturing
  • Allows flexibility and choice in a structured environment
  • Encourages creativity through enrichment activities


LASER is licensed by the State of Washington, Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) and operates based on Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and DSHS requirements.