See what students and parents are saying about LASER

I think LASER is awesome! I like that the counselors are nice and fun to hang out with. I really like Book Club, Harry Potter Club, Art Club, Sports Club, Community Service Club.

We love LASER! Our daughter has been with LASER since her Kindergarten year and we have been so impressed with the program, and so thankful to be a part of it.

LASER is good! I like a lot of things about LASER! The counselors are good and nice. I really like the counselors.

In the mornings I feel good because I’m ready to have fun at LASER! I usually get excited when I hear we’re playing Happy Ball or Capture the Flag. My favorite field trip is the pools because I’m tall enough for the rides and swimming.

Our 2 children have been attending LASER for 5 and 3 years respectively, and they LOVE it! Both kids really like the LASER counselors, who genuinely know them and care for them.

​LASER is fun and enjoyable! The counselors are fun and kind and will help if something is wrong. They have many options that are fun and educational. They have things like Sign Language Club, Spanish club,Sports Club, Harry Potter Club, Arts Club.

What I like about LASER is the clubs and I like how the counselors are really nice! I also like the way they give us choices. At LASER we learn things and the clubs are cool. And that is what I love about LASER!! the best place to be.

We have a great experience with LASER after-school care and summer camp and my daughter is happy at LASER. LASER has great staff, it’s safe and offers fun activities. LASER staff are responsible, patient, and very friendly.

I like all the counselors and how fun and outgoing they are! I also love the games we have here. Over the weekend I actually got excited for LASER! I really enjoy the atmosphere and the mood LASER gives off and this place is just really cool!

I feel good coming to LASER everyday! I like the days we get to go swimming. I like being with my friends during group games. The field trips are good, especially camping because I got to be with my friends and spend the night.

I really like LASER a lot! The counselors at LASER are good and they are very nice. I like the field trips we have at LASER and I really liked the field trip we went on today! I also like going to museums during the summer on field trips.

I love playing games at LASER! And I love the counselors because they are funny and nice! I like that LASER takes us on the bus to go to fun field trips. I love pools because we can go swimming.

I like LASER because there’s lots of fun things to do! And they take us anywhere (field trips) that is fun. I like the counselors because they help me with things that are hard. Free time and the camping trips were fun.

We get to do fun stuff every day! Like we get to go swimming, we get to play on the playground. The counselors are nice, they take us places and we get to go to fun places. My favorite activity at LASER is the art projects, specifically doing lanyards.

LASER is good! The counselors are good too! They are funny, kind, and they keep you safe. I like to go on field trips with LASER. My favorite activity is art projects so that you can make stuff for your parents.

I love LASER because we get to have free time! I like the field trips at LASER the most, especially when we go to pools.

My favorite activity is playing foosball and playing with my friends. I like a lot of the art projects and my favorite club is Art Club. We did some crocheting and mostly finger knitting. I like being with my friends.

LASER is fun because the counselors are nice and we have a lot of time to play. My favorite part of LASER is the field trips! My favorite activity is choice time because you get to have an option.

The art projects with candy or apples are my favorite! I like to swim and play ping pong, foosball or football when it’s free time. I like playing games mostly, I played most of the games but not all of them yet! Also, all of the counselors listen to me.

The field trips are really fun! I liked that we got to spend the night camping and we got to do a fire. LASER is good because I can have free time with my friends.

I like the water and I’m going to like the boat tour today. My favorite breakfast at LASER is yoghurt and berries and graham crackers.

Counselors protect us from getting lost and keep us safe. I like that they take us on field trips, I like all the activities we do! Foosball obviously is what I like best.

LASER is good! I like that I make new friends! My favorite activity is group game and dodgeball.

I like the counselors! I like how they take care of me. I like how sometimes we just hang out. I like the field trips and the pools, it’s fun because I love going swimming! I like playing the group game, dodgeball is my favorite.

I like LASER because they do a summer camp! They have a foosball table and ping pong table and I can play at LASER. I get to make new friends and see friends I haven’t seen in a very long time.

One of the things we like most about LASER is its quality childcare at our daughter’s school and in our neighborhood. We feel really lucky to have LASER at Bryant and definitely would recommend it to other parents!