Available Positions at LASER

Childcare Site Lead

Full-time (Non-Exempt)

Reports to: Site Director

Primary Function: Manages and assists in planning, implementing, evaluating, and delivery of a broad range of programs; assists the Site Director in training and managing counselors; assists in planning for camps, clubs, and activities; assists in program management; provides the best possible learning environment for children and works for the best interest of LASER; prepares and purchases materials for programs and activities; works and interacts with children; supervises children safely.

Essential Job Responsibilities (these shall include but are not limited to the following):

  • Provide regular supervision of staff and volunteers.
  • Assist the Site Director to manage staff and serve as a role model to, mentor, and train staff.
  • Be on-site with children, program planning, and program.
  • Have the understanding, ability, physical health, emotional stability, and good judgment to meet the needs of the children in care. Be alert and observant.
  • Will serve as childcare staff when the role does not interfere with management and supervisory responsibilities.
  • May also step up to the Site Director responsibilities if needed and needs to meet the requirements for this position.
  • Work as a team member to ensure offering quality and educative programs to children.
  • Work with Staff, Lead Staff, and Director to plan and implement developmentally appropriate program activities, including arts and crafts, sports, field trips, cooking, science experiments, and special events daily.
  • Organize activities or implement a curriculum that allow children to learn about the world and explore interests. Guide children’s behavior and social development.
  • Rotate between inside and outside activities and maintain proper Teacher to Child Ratios.
  • Supervise children’s play; ensuring their physical safety at all times.
  • Monitor the safety and hygiene of children.
  • Lift children and equipment.
  • Drive the minibus as needed.
  • Regularly check supplies, complete weekly/daily purchases, check orders, and work closely with counselors to know their program supply needs.
  • Open and close the facilities as instructed and check attendance.
  • Watch for signs of emotional, behavioral, and developmental problems in children and bring the problems to the attention of directors.
  • Relate well to children and their parents and provide excellent customer service to parents.
  • Communicate with parents about information related to the daily routine of the center and the individual child.
  • Attend and actively participate in/lead staff meetings, training, and check-ins as scheduled by Director.
  • Meet all applicable licensing regulations as instructed and complete all the required training.
  • Integrate children with special needs into the program, modifying the program and the physical environment if necessary.
  • Perform simple first aid in emergencies.
  • Refer to the Site Director, Executive Director, and/or CPS for any instances of suspected child abuse, sexual play, or sexual harassment immediately.
  • Consult Site Director about any planned absences or schedule changes and fill out Time-Off Request form.
  • Work with staff as a team; work on staff conflicts and mediate; create a positive teamwork environment.
  • Follow directions, policies, and rules in the Staff Handbook, any training manuals or licensing guidelines, and topics discussed in staff meetings.
  • Be willing to accept new responsibilities and work cooperatively with others.
  • Address any personality conflicts and performance issues with others, only to the individual involved, or the Site Director in a constructive manner. If you aren’t comfortable talking to the Site Director, you may consult with the Executive Director.

Education and Experience:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have two years management experience in a related field.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent; Associate/Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Driving experience and valid Driver’s License is required.
  • Must pass DEL criminal background check.

Employee Benefits:

  • Paid personal, sick, holiday leave
  • IRA retirement plan (at employee’s option after 1 year of employment)
  • Health and dental insurance for employees who work full-time year-round (at employee’s option)
  • Disability insurance (at employee’s option)
  • Life insurance (at employee’s option)
  • Paid time while serving on jury duty
  • Full coverage of the employee payroll taxes contributed to the PFML for Washington State

Pay: $18.50 - $21.50 per hour