After-school Program Registration

After-School Program Registration

LASER will begin accepting online registration for the upcoming school year from May 1st to May 14th.  Due to space limitations, we will have a lottery based on priority enrollment groups.  There will be a two week enrollment window for parents to submit registration paperwork online.  Once the two week window closes, the results of the lottery will be communicated to parents.  For more detailed information on the registration process, please visit our 2020-21 After-school registration page.  

This site will be updated in mid-April for the 2019-20 school year.  The enrollment process should remain the same, with May 1st as the start date for submitting enrollment paperwork online.

LASER at Bryant After-School Care

Register for the Bryant 2020-21 After-school Program

LASER at Laurelhurst After-School Care

Register for the Laurelhurst 2020-21 After-school Program


We accept scholarship applications throughout the year. Click below to learn more about scholarships and to download the scholarship form.

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Medication and Allergies

If your child has any allergies or medication that will need to be kept at LASER for routine use in case of emergency, we will need the following forms completed per medication. Once your child starts at LASER, we will need the medication in a zip-lock bag with their name on it. We are unable to share medication and forms with Seattle Public Schools.