Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities at Bryant

LASER is committed to providing high quality and enriching clubs and activities. Our dedicated staff design the clubs and activities based on their area of expertise and interest of our students, focusing on the social, emotional, and educative outcomes of the program. In our activities, we promote teamwork, problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking through fun and interactive ways and our goal is to engage and nurture all aspects of a child’s development. We strive to provide students with options to choose from and we celebrate diversity in our programs. We also work closely with the school teachers to align our activities with their instructional topics and curriculum.

Here is a list of clubs we are running in 2018-19 school year at LASER at Bryant:


Knitting the Arts with DJ

In the Knitting the Arts Club, students experience the fun of creating things with yarn.  We begin with Finger-knitting and advance to Knitting, Crocheting, Plastic Canvas Embroidery and beyond.  Our club is self-paced, and students can sample the different art forms or become a master at one or two... whatever they choose.  It's a fun and relaxing time for all who join.

Badminton Club with Ella & Shai

Shai and Ella thought about creating badminton club after playing a healthy competition with Ella’s family.  We thought that it’s not only a fun game to play, but it’s also an easy sport to learn which is perfect for the LASER kids. Shai was a varsity member for badminton in high school and Ella has been playing this sport with her family since she was a kid. With this background, we can teach the kids the foundation of how to play badminton and learn how to have good sportsmanship from the club.


Sports Club with Will & Abdi

Sports Club will be a weekly meeting for those who love to participate and in team sports and have a desire to compete in a safe, sportsmanship-centered environment. We will play a different sport each week, and focus on making players better through selfless, team-first decisions and skill improvement.

Drama Club with Madison

Drama Club will take a peak backstage and learn all different types of theater, acting techniques, and the many roles that it takes to put together a show. The club will revolve around several hands-on activities and games that focuses on some different pieces of theater each week. These different topics could range anywhere from improv, set design, musicals, to even movie production. Through all these different activities, the new actors and actresses will be able to have a better understanding of what goes into this amazing art form. 

Leadership Club with Kevin

Leadership Club aims to create leadership opportunities for young children in our local communities. We will discuss different leaders from the past and present along with different leadership styles.  Children will have an opportunity to brainstorm ideas of how to help people outside of themselves and get to plan and carry out those ideas together. We want to make positive change in our community and have fun while doing it!


Harry Potter Club with Will, Abdi & Adia

Harry Potter Club will be exploring the magical themes of the wizarding universe inside and outside of Hogwarts. Through art activities, games, and friendly competitions, the witches and wizards who participate in Harry Potter Club will get to experience what it feels like to attend classes at Hogwarts.  The students are sorted by the Sorting Hat into Hogwarts House teams.  Throughout the year, the four houses will be competing for the House Cup, which will be awarded to the house with the most points at the end of the year.  "We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."


Music Club with Ella & Semi

The Music Club at LASER is a good place for the kids to express themselves musically and expand their capabilities as performers. Since the kids really enjoy performing, Semi and I want to incorporate performing and vocal techniques in order to release their potential as performers. In addition, we have activities in the club that enhance their creativity in the realm of music. 

Time Travelers Club with Connor

We are going on an adventure to the past! Our trip will show us the works created, the actions of our ancestors, and how ancient people lived their lives. As time travelers, we can use our modern perspectives to see how different people differ, from different periods of time. We will see the Emperors of China, the priests of Central America, the serfs of Medieval Europe, to the herds people of Northern Asia.

 As the Conductor of our trip through the ages, Connor will give insight, trivia, and lessons on thinking historically so that we can better understand ourselves today. Come every Thursday to LASER and get a look at ancient worlds and ancient peoples.